COVID Come Back

6 Week Challenge

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Has the COVID19 lock down ruined your 2020 Summer body plans?
Are you not quite ready to bare your almost-all in a tank top, short-shorts, or bikini?


Even if you have no intention of showing more skin, consider this program your wake-up call to recharge your motivation and rev up your results.

Don’t miss out on the most important date of the year…

The straight outta lock down date Monday 2nd November, 2020 is when we can start face to face group training again!

We only have limited spots to fill, don’t miss out!

This kind of come back transformation opportunity doesn’t come along often. We have all been gym deprived for so long now and finally it is time, time for the COVID come back! Watch the video below and see how our previous challenges have achieved results you could only dream about! 

Challenge manager's and personal trainer's Lana & Lilli have helped over 1200 people transform their lives!


“The 6 Week Transformation Challenge is a time-efficient way to help you increase your lean muscle while shedding fat,” says Lana & Lilli, program managers.

“What’s great about all our 6 week challenges, and part of the reason that we’ve been able to help over 1200 people lose weight and feel great about themselves, is the fact that as part of this challenge we provide you with a full daily meal and nutrition plan, an app, amazing training systems, trainers and daily support. “

Why this challenge is much more effective than other challenges


All of those things mentioned above, the meal plans, the supplements, the training sessions, the app and the diet advice, combine holistically to help you achieve results much faster than you would in any other challenge.

By cleaning up your diet with our meal plans and nutrition advice you can expect to see faster fat loss, along with increased muscle definition and strength gains.

It works because we help keep you accountable to make sure you succeed:


“We are so excited about this come back challenge,” says Lilli, “we have a special App for you to follow which will keep you accountable throughout the 6 weeks, the app makes a huge difference to your results.



Listen to what others have to say...


6 Week Body Transformation

The 'COVID Come Back!'



Unlimited access to all SWZ & Spartans classes.


Nutrition is a key part of achieving results.


Specialized app to keep you on track & accountable


We 100% guarantee results!


A plan to success! Tailored to your needs.


We are here to help!



Important 6 week challenge details

This challenge is a six-week body transformation program specifically designed to burn fat and tone muscles while you work out with us, and then give you the “after burn” effect so you can burn more fat after your workout.

We're not just going to tell you what do to, we're going to EDUCATE you through an APP that will give you daily information on nutrition and training. This means you can keep the amazing results coming even after the 6 weeks are well and truly up.

Here is the best part… THIS IS A CHALLENGE! The participant with the most points at the end of the program will win some incredible prizes including a voucher for a Spartans Warrior Zone Membership. Additional prizes are awarded for outstanding efforts throughout the 6 weeks!

Challenge participants receive unlimited class access (outdoors to begin with) then once the government allows indoor training access to the new Spartans Warrior Zone training facility, a state of the art brand new facility with 10,000 sqft of Training Space, Altitude room, Reformer Pilates and Boot Camp classes, giving you unlimited classes per week at a range of convenient times to choose from. See our timetable here.

Gym access: Participants also have access to Spartans gym, the premier training facility in Victoria.

You also get weekly education, tracking of all your sleep, nutrition and daily exercise and weekly fitness challenges accessed through the My Fitness Pal app.

The 6 week challenge is only a $99 registration fee followed by weekly of payments($50 per week for the 6 weeks) to gain full access to the unlimited classes. If you love our community we would love for you to stay on after the 6 weeks as a member!

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This is what people are saying about the type of training and community that you will face in the 6 week challenge:

Mikayla:   “…It went beyond my expectations. Not only do they provide all the latest equipment but additionally have the most motivating and encouraging coaches and trainers! I'm so happy to be a part of it.”  


Jen:   "I usually struggle for motivation - but these boot camps have me looking forward to every session. Coming from me, that's saying something."  


Penny:  "The best part about (the training in the challenge) Spartans Warrior Zone is that every session is different. It doesn't feel like I'm doing the same workout over and over, which keeps things fresh.   


Eilis:   “The trainers are amazing and always push me to my limit but are also super accommodating and offer different exercises.   


John:   “Great group training! The atmosphere to improves one body is amazing. Great encouragement and to better yourself! A must if wanting a group training session and to push yourself to improve your health and fitness.”  


Allie::   “Spartans has an amazing atmosphere! I go here for the classes, and each PT I’ve encountered has been full of energy, pumping us up throughout the class. Always encouraging. Love it!”    


Sharne:   “Absolutely love this new space! As a member of Spartans I appreciate they are continuously improving and innovating for their members and future clients.  


Sarah:   “Amazing facility, and community! Everyone is so supportive of each other’s goals! And the classes are a great workout.”  


Brooke:   “Fantastic new area clean, professional and plenty of equipment for personal or group workouts. I am really loving the area for my workouts at night.”  


Philip:   “Awesome bunch of people, very friendly staff including the members. It is by far the Best gym I have ever joined spanning over my 20+yrs of weight training in numerous gyms.”

Vanessa:   “I decided to change up my routine and get back into bootcamp. Spartan warrior zone is an amazing space, friendly environment with amazing trainers! I’m loving the bootcamp sessions.”


Shona:   “Awesome space with incredible and friendly trainers, good atmosphere to work hard in!”


Mark:   “Great facility and amazing staff. What an experience!”

Eddie:   “Awesome space and great energy throughout the gym!”   

Hayley:  The best facilities & community!”