Available for bootcamp sessions from Monday-Friday 9:30am-10:15am


Have a worry-free workout


New parents/carers must complete an enrollment form on their first visit before leaving their child in the care of the child minder. By signing this form you are agreeing to all the policies and procedures of this childminding facility. Any information regarding your child or your family, given to the centre either verbally or in writing, will be treated as confidential. Parents/carers will have access to their own child’s records but not to others. All documentation relating to your child is stored in a file, which is not accessible to any other party.


The child minder will not discuss your child with others unless they have permission from the parent/carer.



Child-minding is NOT available without booking.

Learn more by contacting us our member care manager at: or 9716 5077



Spartans Warrior Zone wants you to have a worry-free workout, which is why we offer gold coin donation child minding for our morning bootcamp session from Monday-Friday 8:30am-10:15am and Saturdays 7:45am-8:45am

Join in with a Spartans Warrior Zone Bootcamp and you can have your child minded by our fully qualified carer Ysy.

Price: Just a gold coin donation for this service.

Bookings through the Spartans App for Child Minding and Bootcamp are required.

**There is an additional cost for bootcamp for non-Spartans Warrior Zone Members.

Please note, to use child minding at Spartans Warrior Zone you will need to first come to book via our class booking app. You will find this by clicking below.

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