Altitude Training, a must for endurance athletes and a game-changer for everyone!

Spartans Warrior Zones altitude cycling zone provides a controlled environment where high altitude conditions are safely simulated through oxygen regulation.

A legal way to gain an edge in your performance

Elite athletes train at high altitudes to give themselves a legal way to gain an edge in their performance. Training at altitude increases the amount of oxygen your body can naturally absorb.

Workout sessions become much more time effective

The lower oxygen concentration in the Spartans Warrior Zone altitude room makes your body work harder without increasing your physical workload, making workout sessions much more time effective – which in turn, reduces strain on joints and muscles.

How does it work?

The Box Altitude system fills the training environment with filtered hypoxic air, lowering the concentration of oxygen in the room.

By training regularly at altitude 2 or more times per week users experience a significant increase in the amount of oxygen they can absorb, this results in higher performance and function at sea level (where most of us live day to day).

Altitude benefits


  1. Increases the amount of oxygen the body can naturally absorb

  2. Burn more calories in less time

  3. Stimulate production of growth hormone

  4. Improved athletic performance and fitness

  5. Faster recovery

  6. Weight loss

  7. Increased energy levels and quality of life

  8. General health and well-being

Expected Fitness Gains Include:

Up to 37% more endurance

Up to 25% more efficiency

Up to 15% more weight loss

Up to 9% more strength

Up to 3% more power

Up to 3% more speed

In high-altitude environments, breathing delivers less oxygen to muscles

In high-altitude environments, breathing delivers less oxygen to muscles, intensifying each workout tremendously. Getting used to breathing “thinner” air can significantly increase athletic performance at lower altitudes.

Burn calories for 6-8 hours post-exercise

By training at altitude, your body is having to work harder to recover, once you leave the room your body will repair and burn calories for 6-8 hours post-exercise just like a H.I.I.T class.

Getting Started

Current members can simply speak to a member of the reception or gym teams to book in for your first session.

If you're not yet a member of Spartans Warrior Zone or would like to do a casual session in our Altitude Training facility call us on 9761 5077.

Altitude warnings

It is advised that anyone with the following conditions do not use altitude training:


  • Asthma and other respiratory problems

  • Hypertension

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Pregnancy

See Box Altitude for more information about our altitude training facilities.




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